Hırvatistan’da 2 Aylık AGH

Proje Süresi: 02.04.2017 – 30.05.2017

Gönüllü Sayısı: 1 kişi

Proje Yeri: Suncokret, Croatia

Proje Kapsamında Neler Karşılanır:

  • Vize ve ilgili masraflar
  • Yolculuk masrafları
  • Konaklama
  • Yerel ulaşım
  • Yeme-içme
  • Sağlık sigortası
  • Cep harçlığı

Başvuru Belgeleri: Europass CV ve Motivasyon Mektubu

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 28.03.2016

Gönüllü Hareketi adına paylaşılan bu duyuru ile ilgili projenin detayları İngilizce olarak aşağıdaki gibi verilmiştir. Proje detaylarının iyi incelenmesi ve başvuru formlarında bu bilgilerin dikkate alınması gerekmektedir.

Başvuru Şekli

  1. Başvuru belgeleri olan Europass CV ve Motivasyon Mektubunun özenli ve tam olarak doldurulmaması durumunda başvuru dikkate alınmayacaktır.
  2. Başvuruların “EVS in Suncokret” konu başlığı ile evs@gonulluhareketi.org adresine gönderilmesi gerekmektedir.
  3. Daha önce gönüllülük deneyimine sahip ancak yurt dışı deneyimi olmayan gençlere Gönüllü Hareketi tarafından öncelik verilecektir.

Description of the Role:

The role of the volunteer is supporting the hosting organization’s activities with most relevant topics addressed on Youth (youth participation, youth work, youth policy), EU Citizenship, EU Awareness and Democracy, and inclusion – equality.

This project involves the volunteer with fewer opportunities (economic obstacles, cultural difficulties, social obstacles) and selection will be done by the sending organization with some requirements as it’s mentioned below:

  • to have former local volunteering experience in or out of Volunteer Movement,
  • to be able to represent Volunteer Movement,
  • to have interest in youth works,
  • to be able to work in teams and complete personal tasks with responsibility,
  • to be open minded,
  • to be open to intercultural learning and have high motivation,
  • to be open to learn and teach new things,
  • to have basic English skills to communicate.

Volunteer Profile:

  • Volunteers should be motivated, enthusiastic, eager to learn and teach, share knowledge and enjoy working with children and youth. Volunteers should be willing to participate actively in present and future projects and programs that our organization implements. He/she should be ready to work in a team and live with others in the volunteer accommodation. The volunteer also must be open minded and be ready to live in a rural setting. Volunteers also must be open to cultural differences. It is also essential for volunteers to understand that they are here as role models for the local children and youth and that the children and youth will look up to you and model some of your behaviours. Your time in Vrginmost as a volunteer will also reflect on the NGO. We ask that volunteers are sensitive to the NGO’s place in the community. We do not have any specific criteria for volunteers’ experiences, skills or knowledge.
  • However, volunteers should be aware that working languages of the organization are English and Croatian. We have had many international volunteers and they always find a way to communicate with the children despite language barriers. Our beneficiaries, children and youth, are open and curious and easily communicate and help the volunteers feel welcome.
  • The volunteer should be motivated to support our programmes, ready to learn and gain new competences, open to new ideas and approaches, interested to establish new contacts, partnerships and friendships. Furthermore, we expect from the volunteer to be responsible, interested and willing to take initiative and be part of a team. Suncokret does not allow discrimination based on religion, ethnic and national affiliation, race, sex, sexual orientation, life style, assets, origin, family and marital status, family obligations, disability, political affiliations and health conditions.


  • The volunteers will spend time with socially excluded rural children and youth with fewer opportunities on a daily basis, share cultures, experience and knowledge using non-formal and informal educational methodology in workshops and activities. In addition, Suncokret hosts several international volunteer camps each summer and the EVS volunteers will have the opportunity take part in these camps and meet other international youth. During the project volunteers will be involved in several activities such as:
    • 1. Local volunteering initiatives,
    • 2. International volunteer camps and local community actions
    • 3. Daily non formal education activities/sports/arts/crafts programs
    • 4. Creation of local newsmagazine.
    • 5. Other activities and office tasks
    • 6. Autonomous activities and project that volunteers will develop with the support of Suncokret.
    • 7. Promotion of EVS, YIA and volunteerism.
  • All the activities will be conducted in Suncokret and in the local community during the duration of the EVS service. Working methods will be participatory and volunteers will collaborate with local youth and learn together. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged socially excluded poor children and youth in a postwar area. EVS volunteers will learn how to plan, prepare and implement fun and interesting learning activities. The added value is the mutual learning aspect where they will also learn about the community and increase their own skills and knowledge.
  • During the project volunteers will be involved in several activities such as:
  • Daily educational non formal learning workshops and activities such as:
    • Language learning- volunteers will create language lessons and teach their languages and cultures to local children and youth. In addition, EVS volunteers will participate in Croatian language classes held at least 2 a week.
    • Computer literacy- volunteers can hold computer literacy and web design classes, computer media and graphic design (depending on skills)
    • Photo and video editing workshops and journalism classes
    • Arts and Crafts- sewing, knitting, drawing, art and creativity
    • Music, dance and theatre workshops
    • Sports activities
    • Sustainability activities- eco gardening, eco workshops and recycling activities
  • International volunteer camps and local community actions- volunteers and local children and youth will participate in Suncokret’s international summer volunteer camps where we host over 100 international volunteers during the summer  as a way to increase local participation, improve the quality of life and promote volunteerism and life-long learning.
  • Other activities and office tasks -volunteers will have the opportunity to learn how a community development NGO functions
  • Participate in the creation of the local news magazine (journalism, photos, writing articles etc.)
  • Autonomous activities and project that volunteers will develop with the support of Suncokret.
  • Promotion of EVS and volunteerism- volunteers will present EVS and why they volunteer to the local beneficiaries and volunteers will present their own countries, cultures and traditions to the local community.
  • Basically we are open and flexible. Volunteers can do what they feel most comfortable doing depending on their specific knowledge and skill. The volunteer will be encouraged to propose his/her personal projects/initiatives which can be supported by the host and/or coordinating organization. Volunteer will get full support from NGO staff in organizing/executing her/his own activities
  • Volunteers will have the chance to help us run various activities with and for the children and youth. Volunteers are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity. Volunteers are also encouraged to present their own culture, traditions and information about their country with the children

Besides all these, the volunteer is encouraged to come up with new ideas, youth initiative, youth exchanges, or other kind of projects which can be suitable with hosting organization.

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