Finlandiya’da Uzun Dönem AGH

Gönüllü Hareketi’nin Finlandiya’daki ortaklarından gelen bir duyuruyu aşağıdaki gibi sizlerle İngilizce olarak paylaşıyoruz. Duyuruda 3 farklı proje içim 6 uzun dönem AGH gönüllüsü arandığını göreceksiniz. Bu projenin başvurusu Finlandiya’daki kuruluş tarafından Finlandiya Ulusal Ajansı’na 30 Nisan tarihinde yapılacaktır. Proje ilgili hatırlatmalar:

  • Proje başvuru süreci ve tarihleri ile ilgili bilgi için: 
  • Projeye tüm Avrupa’dan başvuru alınmaktadır, bunun farkında olmalısınız. Projeye en uygun gönüllü hangi ülkeden olursa, o ülkedeki gönüllü ve gönderen kuruluşu proje de yer alacaktır.
  • Projenin son başvuru tarihi: 28 Mart 2017
  • Proje başvurusunda her zamanki gibi Europass CV ve Motivasyon Mektubunuz olması gerekmektedir.
  • Başvuru öncesinde Gönüllü Hareketi’nin Gönderen Kuruluşunuz olmasını istiyorsanız, bilgi için:
  • Proje başvurusunda mutlaka doldurulması gereken ve Finlandiya’daki ev sahibi kuruluş tarafından istenen belgeyi indirmek için tıklayınız.

Our organization announces 3 open EVS projects in Finland (which are looking for 6 volunteers in total) for the April round of application.  Please find the project descriptions below. For more information and applying instructions, please go to

Please advise the candidates to fill in the official EVS application form of Maailmanvaihto which can be found from the link above (also attached). Please ask them to send their the filled forms to

The deadline for the volunteers’ applications is the 28st of March 2017. These EVS position are open for youth from any sending organization to apply – we will make all the partner agreements after choosing the volunteers. 

1) Sippolan koulukoti / Sippola Residential Special School

  • Places available: 2
  • Period: 1.9.2017-31.8.2018 (12 months)
  • Short description of the host organization: Sippola Residential Special School provides holistic rehabilitation, education and care for highly challenging youth aged between 15 and 18 years. In the school there is a place for 36 children and most of the pupils are also accommodated in Sippola. Most of the children come from families with social problems and other challenges, and also the kids have different behavioral and mental problems. Sippola Residential Special School has a team of 65 staff members, whose aim is to provide education and safe environment for growing for these young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Location: Sippola Residential Special School is situated in the southeast part of Finland in the village of Sippola, which is part of Kouvola commune.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: Volunteer works as an assistant for the teachers and staff in providing the kids with education and care. Tasks vary from helping the teacher in the school classes, participating in the free-time activities with the youth, for example hobbies and household tasks like cooking. Work tasks vary according to volunteers skills, age and experience. Volunteer should be motivated to work with young people with difficult backgrounds and to be prepared for social tasks.
  • Volunteer’s requirements: The volunteers should be motivated to work with youth with difficult backgrounds and to be prepared for social tasks. Good social skills and experience on youth work or social work are of a great value. Age limit minimum 20 years.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is in the project.

2) Validia Ammattiopisto / Validia Vocational College

  • Places available: 2
  • Period: 1.9.2017–30.6.2018 (10 months)
  • Short description of the host organization: Validia is an educational institution which provides vocational education and training for students with special needs and rehabilitative instruction and guidance for disabled students. It has some 600 students and some 280 staff members. Validia was established in 1948 and it is owned by the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities (FPD).
  • Location: Validia Vocational College is situated in Järvenpää (35 000 inhabitants), about 40 km North from Helsinki.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: Validia offers many kinds of tasks for a volunteer interested in supporting students with special needs. The tasks may include assisting and helping the students, supporting teachers with different classes, as well as organising free time activities for the students.
  • Volunteer’s requirements: The main thing is the motivation to cooperate and support the disabled students to succeed in their studies and everyday life. It is also important that the volunteer has at least basic English knowledge – and the motivation to learn Finnish language!
  • Accommodation: The volunteer will be accommodated in the student dormitory for most of the time. During school holidays when the dormitory is closed, the volunteer stays with local support family.

 3) Kirkkopalvelut ry / Seurakuntaopisto (The Church Training College)

  • Places available: 2
  • Period: 1.9.2017–30.6.2018 (10 months)
  • Short description of the host organization: Seurakuntaopisto (The Church Training College) is a private educational learning institution run by Kirkkopalvelut. Seurakuntaopisto has campus areas in Järvenpää, Pieksämäki and Ruokolahti. We have app. 2000 annual students and app. 180 employees. Seurakuntaopisto is specialized in social and health care education, the humanities and various church professions. We also offer preparatory training and guidance as well as short courses. Although being a mainstream vocational college Seurakuntaopisto offers and develops educational services also for immigrants and people with special needs (caused by learning problems, mental disability etc.). We also organise leisure time activities for the students, because many of them stay in our dormitory during their study weeks. Aim of our background organization Kirkkopalvelut is to buid bridges between people, communities and church.  
  • Location: The volunteer will mainly work at the campus in Pieksämäki. Pieksämäki is a small town in the Eastern Finland, and Seurakuntaopisto is located 1,5 km away from the Pieksämäki town centre. Nearby there is a very beautiful park, lake and a small beach (beach volley possibilities in the summer). Depending on the volunteer’s skills and interests, some working weeks can be done in Järvenpää unit. Järvenpää is situated in the Southern Finland, 35 km north from Helsinki.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: The role of the volunteer is to bring intercultural aspects to the everyday life of the college and students, providing them a possibility for language practice and intercultural learning. Volunteers will have tasks as assistants with our instructors with the groups of special need learners (and possibly with young immigrants). The need for assistance is either daytime during the lessons, or in the evening related to the leisure time activities.  Volunteers will learn a lot about working with people with disabilities and what kind of support and possibilities they have in the Finnish society. By assisting students the volunteers also have a possibilities to learn about music, arts and handicrafts. Another important learning aspect is the communication, social capacity and team working skills, not to forget improvement in English and Finnish language skills.
  • Volunteer’s requirements: We are looking for a person with own-initiative and good interaction skills. Some knowledge or experience about disabilities is an advantage, but even more important is an open and positive attitude towards volunteering with people with special needs.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in the student dormitory building situated in the Seurakuntaopisto campus area. The volunteers have private rooms, but kitchen, bathroom, sauna, laundry and drying rooms are shared with other volunteers and students.

 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to tell more. Kind regards,

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