Bosna Hersek’te 2 Aylık AGH

Proje Süresi: 11.07.2017 – 07.09.2017

Gönüllü Sayısı: 1 kişi

Proje Yeri: Doboj Istok, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Proje Kapsamında Neler Karşılanır:

  • Vize ve ilgili masraflar
  • Yolculuk masrafları
  • Konaklama
  • Yerel ulaşım
  • Yeme-içme
  • Sağlık sigortası
  • Cep harçlığı

Başvuru Belgeleri: Europass CV ve Motivasyon Mektubu

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 25.06.2017

Gönüllü Hareketi adına paylaşılan bu duyuru ile ilgili projenin detayları İngilizce olarak aşağıdaki gibi verilmiştir. Proje detaylarının iyi incelenmesi ve başvuru formlarında bu bilgilerin dikkate alınması gerekmektedir.

Başvuru Şekli

  1. Başvuru belgeleri olan Europass CV ve Motivasyon Mektubunun özenli ve tam olarak doldurulmaması durumunda başvuru dikkate alınmayacaktır. Başvuru belgelerinin Europass sitesi üzerinden hazırlanması ve tek bir PDF dökümanında gönderilmesi gerekmektedir. Detaylar için sayfamızdaki linkleri inceleyebilirsiniz.
  2. Başvuruların “EVS in Bosnia” konu başlığı ile adresine gönderilmesi gerekmektedir.
  3. Daha önce gönüllülük deneyimine sahip ancak yurt dışı deneyimi olmayan gençlere Gönüllü Hareketi tarafından öncelik verilecektir.

Description of the Role:

The role of the volunteer is supporting the hosting organization’s activities with most relevant topics addressed on Youth (youth participation, youth work, youth policy), EU Citizenship, EU Awareness and Democracy, and inclusion – equality.

This project involves the volunteer with fewer opportunities (economic obstacles, cultural difficulties, social obstacles) and selection will be done by the sending organization with some requirements as it’s mentioned below:

  • to have former local volunteering experience in or out of Volunteer Movement,
  • to be able to represent Volunteer Movement,
  • to have interest in youth works,
  • to be able to work in teams and complete personal tasks with responsibility,
  • to be open minded,
  • to be open to intercultural learning and have high motivation,
  • to be open to learn and teach new things,
  • to have basic English skills to communicate.

Volunteer Profile:

There aren’t required any particular degree of formal education. This project aims at providing a non-formal learning experience for volunteer. However, volunteer should have social abilities, in terms of good communication skills and readiness to work with different age people depend of project, mostly aged 12-40. We would like to host volunteers with positive attitude, tolerant, flexible and eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles. Also, some of the needed requirements are:

  • to have interest in youth works,
  • to be able to work in teams and complete personal tasks with responsibility,
  • to be open minded,
  • to be open to intercultural learning and have high motivation,
  • to be open to learn and teach new things,
  • to have English skills to communicate.


Main activities of IFS-Emmaus are the projects: Reception Center “Duje” (RC Duje); Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking (VoTs); A Comprehensive Approach to Solving the Problem of Child Pornography in B&H; Assistance and Shelter Protection for Refugees and Illegal Migrants; Drug Abuse Prevention; Reducing Risk Factors for Youth in Local Rural Communities- HIV/AIDS Prevention; Sustainable Economy and Production- basis for self-sustainability; Youth Camps and Voluntarism Expansion.

Reception centre „Duje” is the biggest project of the International Forum of Solidarity – Emmaus, which was built in December 1999. Primary service of this Centre was to assist and accommodate refugees and displaced persons.

IFS-EMMAUS implements projects of international youth camps since 2006. This project was created in order to help a minor number of returneees and other socially excluded groups on the territory of Srebrenica but also in other eastern part of B&H for making their stay tolerable. The activities that the volunteer will perform are divided into different areas from which he / she has some pre-selected. After the arrival of volunteers, the tasks will be discussed and revised. Division of labor will depend on the specific profile of the volunteer.

The volunteer’s role will be to assist in organizing the event, contributing heavily to the success of the event. The Volunteers will be involved in tasks related to all initiatives that will happen in the event, as well as support team organization, partner organizations, participants and guests.

All the activities will take place in Emmaus premises in the main “Duje” center where people with disabilities and other bad social background are situated, and in the place for young people in Klokotnica where volunteers will be accommodated. Activities that will be organized are cultural, language learning, non-formal learning, project seeding into the plastic houses, creative workshops with the users of Emmaus facilities, and we will cooperate with volunteers from other Emmaus communities that will be at the association and with local volunteers.

Besides all these, the volunteer is encouraged to come up with new ideas, youth initiative, youth exchanges, or other kind of projects, which can be suitable with hosting organization.

Working Hours:

  • The volunteer will work a maximum of 7 hours per day and 35 hours per week.


  • The volunteer will have two days off in a week and extra two days off in each month.
  • The volunteer will have free days when legal institutions and organizations are closed during the national holidays.


  • Food will be provided by hosting organization (volunteer will have food in restoran which is a part of accomodation, food will be prepared for volunteer three time per day).


Volunteers who are accepted as part of our project will be located in the premises owned by IFS-EMMAUS which are located in Klokotnica (Doboj Istok) and it is residential with all necessary equipment for living (restaurant, kitchen, bedrooms, garages) and also includes office space (3 offices and meeting room). All offices are provided with Internet access. Also, the volunteers will have opportunities to work and spend time in our Central Office situated within the reception center “Duje”. Central Office represents office space owned by IFS-EMMAUS, which consists of the conference room, reception office, Director’s office, the office of Finances, archive, corridors etc. Reception Center “Duje” includes 5.814m² residential and business premises (8 pavilions, kitchen, dining room, storage) and 19.180m² of land owned by IFS-EMMAUS (construction and agricultural land).

Language Support:

  • The volunteers will not receive language support officially, as it is a short-term project.
  • Hosting organization preferably added language support to the weekly programme.
  • This support can be provided by a volunteer or volunteer teacher or language course.

Training and Support:

Ongoing support will be given to volunteers throughout the projects by the staff in the organisation and appointed mentor will provide additional support. Initially, a weekly meeting will take place with the work supervisor and the manager to clarify tasks and integrate the input of volunteers. These meeting will also include ongoing evaluation of and reflection on the project.

Local Transport:

IFS-Emmaus has a vehicle park that is made up of several cars and two passenger vans, so that volunteer will always be provided transportation to and from places where volunteer will implement activities. If we are not able at that particular moment to secure transport, the local bus transport is very frequent and has a good network.

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